Pump House Brewery, NB


Proudly brewed in New Brunswick since 1999, Pump House is a favourite of discriminating beer drinkers across Canada. Bottled beer is available in every province except Saskatchewan and Quebec and kegs are shipped to an ever expanding list of bars and pubs in the Maritime Provinces. The Pump House Brewery offers five different brands of its own finely crafted bottled beer, eight on tap and in kegs and several more that come and go with the seasons.

The story of Pump House began in the 1980s when owner Shaun Fraser wanted to learn how to make beer but was turned away when he applied for jobs with the big breweries. On a whim, he wrote a letter to the TV show “Thrill of a Lifetime” and got a shot at making beer inside the Labatt plant in Ontario. A few years later, German brewer Hans Westner hired Shaun at the HansHaus Brewery. Later Moncton businessman Joel Attis employed him to make beer at the Fat Tuesday’s brew pub on Main Street.

Shaun then got a job selling brewery supplies and travelled the world to help install and set up the equipment. While in Kazakhstan, he met his future wife Lilia and the two moved back to Moncton. Shaun decided it was time to stop setting up microbreweries for others, and to start his own, and the Pump House Restaurant and Brewery were born.

Wine Lovers is proud to offer the Pump House Brewery Crafty Radler through the LCBO retail stores as a summer seasonal product.  It’s introduction for Summer 2018 was so popular, it was a struggle to keep in stock!

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