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Current LogoThe finest things in life are often hidden away. In fact the Castello Romitorio winery takes its name from the massive twelfth-century fortress that sits atop a hill surrounded by thick oak forest in Northwestern Montalcino. Its name suggests that the edifice served multiple uses throughout its history; probably as fortress as well as Monastery, making it a location that is remote in time and space.

Abandoned in the 1950’s, its rebirth as a winery occurred in 1984 when Artist Sandro Chia acquired the estate from his friend Baron Giorgio Franchetti. The restoration of ‘Castello Romitorio’ began immediately, followed by the transformation of its overgrown lands into vineyards, and the construction of a cellar on the Castle’s ground floor. Twenty years later, in the year 2006, the winery broke ground on a new state-of-the art underground cellar completed in 2007.

The vineyards of the Castello Romitorio winery capture the multi-faceted beauty of two of the best micro-climates in the windswept hills of Montalcino; ‘Castello Romtiorio’ in the north-west and ‘Poggio di Sopra’ in the south-east.

The first parcels of Sangiovese where planted in 1984 on the slopes adjacent to the Castello Romitorio. Each parcel was carefully planted using the most modern parameters and machinery to ensure that the vineyards would grow deep root stock able to soak up micro minerals, which could help the plant to withstand the extreme climate especially due to the altitude. At the time it was considered an extreme decision to plant vineyards in Montalcino at such a high altitude, in retrospect with summer temperatures rising it has proven to also be a wise decision that produce elegant grapes.

In 1995 the winery expanded with the acquisition of ‘Poggio di Sopra’ in the South-East region of Montalcino, near the Romanic abbey of Castelnuovo dell’Abate, an area known for its warm climate and production of grapes with exceptional structure. Castello Romitorio harvests all of their grapes strictly by hand in order to ensure that the unique quality of each parcel of grape is maintained throughout the winemaking process.

The soil and climate makes it possible for the winery to produce exquisite Brunello di Montalcino, season after season, with the ability to create a
unique experience for years to come.

Region: Tuscany, Italy


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