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With a name meaning “at the foot of the mountains,”  the region of Piedmont is nestled at the base of the Alps in Northwest Italy. It is here the noble Nebbiolo grape is cultivated, giving birth to Barolo wine, otherwise known as the “King of Wines.”

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Since 1847, the Colla Family has worked its vineyards in Piedmont’s Langhe zone. The vinedresser’s work has been handed down from generation to generation until reaching Paolo Colla, the fourth generation of the family.  With intense energy, Paolo dedicated himself exclusively to Barolo production.

In 1973 his daughter, Marivanna, married Gianni Gagliardo, a young man from Monticello d’Alba in the Roero zone, on the west bank of the Tanaro River. Gianni was a passionate man with a notable entrepreneurial talent.

In the early years of the new millennium, the sixth generation of the family gradually began to work for the house. Stefano, Alberto, and Paolo, the sons of Gianni Gagliardo, inherited both the passion for the vineyard and the business skills which have continued to write the pages of success in the family’s production of wine.

Stefano, the first-born, a careful and competent professional oenologist, has taken charge of the style of the wines, which are characterized by a tireless search for elegance, balance and harmony. At his side, his brother Alberto, who has taken on the responsibility for the vineyards, continues to seek optimal balance in the plants and a perfect ripening of the grapes. Paolo, the youngest, after a doctoral thesis in Agricultural Sciences, dedicates his energies to the commercial growth and development of the firm’s activities.

Considered by experts in the field to be true specialists in Nebbiolo, the Gagliardo family has distinguished itself by the wide range of different vineyard parcels they have planted for this grape. Each and every individual site shows and expresses a noble, but differing, personality.

Region: Piedmont, Italy

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