Jasci & Marchesani’s story is full of charm and passion, in which the experience and wisdom of men and women are passed through time over generations. The collective commitment of all, and the individual touch of each one are the secrets of the continuous improvement of this family’s wines, which have received acclaim with critics and wine lovers alike.

Sebastiano Jasci looks like he was planted, fertilized and grown in his own vineyard. The 79-year-old grandfather is sturdy, his hands are big and rough and his skin is bronzed; he is the picture of robust good health. There is nothing he likes more than working his land and drinking the result. “I have one glass at lunch and one at dinner,” he says, patting his chest. “It’s good for the heart.”

When he started making wine some 40 years ago on the rugged slopes near the Adriatic Sea, in central Italy’s Abruzzo region near Vasto, the product was sold purely to locals. He didn’t even have a bottling plant. Mr. Jasci would load wine casks into a little three-wheeled truck and trundle off to local markets.

The wine was popular and an idea popped into his head. Why not launch a proper vineyard and set it apart from the pack by making all the wines organic? In 1978, Jasci & Marchesani wines – Marchesani is the family name of his wife Lucia – became one of the first certified organic wineries in Italy. “ – Eric Reguly, The Globe and Mail, July 6 2014

For more than thirty years, the policy of Jasci & Marchesani has been based on the protection of the environment and the completely natural quality of their wines.  A flawless wine-making process and a careful ageing in cellar make Jasci & Marchesani wines the best part of the family legacy. The sweet sea breeze creates a perfect habitat for vine-growing, nurturing grapes that are able to express the richness of their land, protected and preserved only with natural products.

Wine Lovers Agency is proud to introduce the following wines to the Ontario market:

2016 Jasci & Marchesani Trebbiano D’Abruzzo DOC ORGANIC

2016 Jasci & Marchesani Montepulciano D’Abbruzzo DOC ORGANIC

2016 Jasci & Marchesani Eco Pecorino DOC Superiore ORGANIC

Coming in April/May:

2017 Jasci & Marchesani Rose DOC ORGANIC