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La MonacescaAgricola La Monacesca is located in the commune of Matelica, about 4 kilometres from the centre of town, in the Monacesca contrada, along the state highway that leads to Fabriano. The legal and administration office and production facility, with storage and bottling, is in the commune of Potenza Picena, also in the province of Macerata.

The area where we Monacesca is located owes its name to the settlement, around 900AD, to a small band of Benedictine monks from the monastery of Farfa who fled northern Italy under the scourge of the Lombards. They decided to stay in the out-of-the-way place, and built a small church and a monastery (today perfectly restored and now part of the winery’s borgo, or hamlet); thus this splendid area took the name of Monacesca over time. The name became the winery brand-name too in 1966, when Casimiro Cifola, having purchased the farm properties, began planting the first vineyards and built the first wine cellar. 1973 saw the release of the first Verdicchio di Matelica. This signaled the departure point for an extraordinary adventure. Starting in 1982, Casimiro was joined by his son Aldo, the current director of the winery.

Over the course of the years, other contiguous vineyard parcels were acquired, that built up the estate to its current size, and new vineyards were planted to verdicchio and to international varieties (chardonnay). In 1994, the decision was made to plant in Contrada Valle, a new vineyard of red grapes, sangiovese grosso and merlot, to restore this area’s great reputation for noble red wines. In the early 20th century, the area had produced a “Rosso Matelica” that took prizes in international wine competitions.

Current production hovers around 160,000 bottles per year, which go exclusively to the restaurant trade and to specialised wine shops in Italy and abroad

Region: Marche, Italy

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