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Hailing from the heart of Italy – the epicentre of style – VOGA Italia created a revolution in wine with its breathtaking redesign of the traditional bottle. Since inception, in 2006, VOGA Italia has earned numerous awards and accolades for its chic still wine cylinders, curvaceous sparkling bottles and, most importantly, delicious taste and superb quality. The beauty of the bottles are eclipsed only by the excellence of the wines inside them. The radically chic bottle is corked and topped with an elegant resealable cap.

Founders at VOGA Italia, brothers Giovanni and Alberto Pecora, believed in bringing fun to the industry by adding style to the exceptional quality of its wines when they created this unique and vibrant brand in the wine industry.

“Our mission is to build a recognized Global brand through a hip, sophisticated and fashionable concept making it an easily perceived quality drink and above all an affordable Luxurious experience.” Explains VOGA Italia’s Managing Director, Giovanni Pecora.

Sophisticated, sleek and modern, VOGA Italia is the expression of Italian style and craftsmanship in wine. VOGA Italia has been recognized as the fashion wine and loved by celebrities across the globe including Charlotte Ronson, Betsey Johnson and Erin Fetherson.

An international success, VOGA Italia is available in over 74 countries, hundreds of cosmopolitan cities and thousands of the trendiest bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants and retail outlets worldwide. With its good looks and great taste, VOGA is how modern wine consumers Drink IN Style.

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From white to red, still to sparkling, crisp to sweet, the wines of VOGA Italia are brilliant articulations of the famed terroirs from which they hail, rich in flavor and full of character. The collection includes Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, Sparkling, Moscato and Red Fusion in 750ml, as well as a 187ml version of the distinctive Sparkling bottle referred to as Baby VOGA.

Voga Pinot Grigio

Voga Moscato Frizzante IGT

Voga Quattro