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The wines of the North Face CARA NORD give hints of the Prades Mountains: their altitude, steep inclines, deep valleys, poor and hostile soil, and dramatic scenery. In facing north, CARA NORD is exposed to extreme contrasts in temperature; the air is healthy, energizing and positive.

Adventure, difficulty and the concept of finding one’s limitations can all be found in the CARA NORD vines. You have to slow down to really see the land, it makes you want to be close, to get closer still.

CARA NORD wines remind us of the beauty, the magnetic attraction and the challenges of mountain viticulture. It is an environment that demands technique and precision; only those with ability and experience know how to make the altitude shine through. CARA NORD creates sincere and bold wines, with transparency, where everything is as it seems and is inspired by respect for the surrounding mountains.

The CARA NORD vines grow at altitude in the Prades Mountains, under difficult conditions, creating unusual wines which truly reflect the clean and unpolluted environment. The vineyards are situated in Spain within the Domination of Origin Conca de Barbera, where there are still new treasures to be discovered.

Region: Conca de Barbera
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