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Modernist art. Its prevailing curved lines. Seeing you again after some years. Travelling by the window. Eating traditional tapas. Walking on Flor de Barcelona tiles, one of the city’s icons. Succumbing to temptation …

… Sunrise in the mountains and sunset on the beach. Biking down the city with  People smiling in the subway. That unexpected inspiration. Paella and cava by the beach in February. Challenges. Cooking while listening to your favorite playlist. Wandering around the streets of the Borne.Toasting for the sake of toasting. Many times. Falling in Love. The fine bubbles of a delicious fresh cava

 A family of select, delicious and fresh cavas with Mediterranean soul.
We appreciate quality and details.
We love and respect our origin.
We enjoy the little things and live every moment with intensity.
Our adventure is to enjoy all your adventures with you, wherever you are.

… Following you on Instagram. Every December 31st. The first swim of the year in the sea. You putting “likes” on my photo. Creativity. Landing in Barcelona during the sundown. Feeling the excitement of a new project. Dancing in your favorite music festival. Sneakers and flip flops. Paying 2 euros for your favorite vinyl. Enjoy!


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