Gold Medal – Feudo Disisa Grillo

by / Friday, 01 June 2018 / Published in Uncategorized

Congratulations to Feudo Disisa for winning a Gold Medal at Concours Mondiale Brussels for their 2017 Grillo! 

Feudo Disisa wines from Sicily, Italy, are on their way to being organic – these things take time – but have already won the hearts and palates of many of the sommeliers that we work with. From the very first Grillo shipment we received, this wine has sold quickly, and no wonder!

First, Grillo is a hot commodity – a sommelier’s darling because it makes delicious wine that is crisp, with tropical fruit AND herbal notes – think Sauvignon Blanc without the stripping acidity, and a whole bunch more character.

Second, Feudo Disisa does Grillo really well – ahem, gold medal. Feudo Disisa is close to the coast, but has elevation that sets it apart from the coastal producers nearby.  This means that there is a saltiness to the wine that can stand up to a vinaigrette or anchovies, but also all of the qualities that you get with a higher elevation. They possess a minerality and a “sapidity” that makes for mouth watering wines that you want to come back to again and again.

The kind of wine that disappears before the appetizers are done, and has the guests signalling “another bottle please!”