May 12 Vintages Release – Maturana ORANGE wine!

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95 points from Descorchados!

Introducing the Maturana Naranjo Orange wine from Chile.  For the uninitiated, this is not a wine made from oranges, but a wine whose white grape juices spend extended amounts of time macerating on the skins.  Skin contact imparts colour to wine, and the extended  exposure results in wine with an orange hue.  Orange wines are usually made with minimal intervention, and often considered “natural” wines.

At Maturana, the family-owned operation’s success is essentially due to Jose Ignacio Maturana, the former head winemaker of Chile’s most awarded winery, Casa Silva. Jose has been ranked as one of the best winemakers in Chile, and has won numerous international awards for his wines. The Naranjo is a perfect example of his philosophy that great wines are made in the vineyard, and not in the winery.

Made from 80 year old Torontel vines in the Maule region, the grapes are left to macerate on their skins for 6 and a half months. With “lovely fresh, musky fruit flavours,” (Rod Phillips) “soft and silky, bursting with grapefruit and apricot, and floral aromas. It’s wonderful” (Renee S. Suen).

The distinctive orange wax dipped closure adds a special touch to this limited release May 12, 2018 through  Vintages. $24.95/bottle, product code 556217