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Miolo - Seival Brut


Light yellow in colour with greenish shades, an elegant crown fine, delicate and constant perlage. Tropical fruit aromas, highlighting pineapple and melon with some mint notes. Balanced acidity gives a refreshing palate. Perfect as an aperitif, or to make a toast. Mixed leaf and tomato...

Miolo - Seival Cabernet Sauvignon


Red colour of medium depth and ruby shades. Red fruit aromas with notes of mint. It is a medium bodied wine, young with fresh acidity, fine and balanced tannins.

Miolo - Seival Sauvignon Blanc


Clear transparent, medium depth and green shades. Tropical fruit aromas with slight notes of tomato leaves that makes this a very balanced wine.

Miolo - Lote 43


With handpicked grapes which are blended by Adriano Miolo, the family’s winemaker, Miolo Lote 43 is an expressive and unique wine, with aging potential. Named after the first Miolo property, Lote 43 is their signature red wine. Hand picked in 20 kg boxes from the...

Italesse Etoile Blanc 18oz


Crystalline stem glass manufactured with Xtreme® technology that is extraordinarily light elegant and easy to handle. Its slender design and tapered bowl serves to accentuate the character of full-bodied, expressive wines both young and mature.

Italesse Etoile Sparkle 16oz


A stem glass with perfectly studied and balanced proportions, characterized by a wide bowl that recalls the traditional Champagne coupe towards the base, whilst its height alludes to the traditional flute. The glass is available with or without 7 laser-cut perlage points that promotes perlage....

Italesse Vinocchio Decanter


This blown glass decanter is an absolute professional. It offers an essential, informal style and very innovative details: slanted non-drip spout, ergonomic outline that sits well in the hand, perfect balancing, deep bottom, acrylic base.