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Steinhart Distillery - Classic Gin


Steinhart Gin has been a darling and well-kept secret among gin drinkers, but the secret is now out – look for it in the LCBO Gin shop! Hailing from the coast of Nova Scotia, along the Northumberland shores overlooking Arisiag Wharf, craft distilling is a...

Italesse - Brew Beach


Polycarbonate beer glasses by Italesse, suitable for multifunctional uses, in fact, they are perfect for the entire mixology world: long drinks, cocktails and mashed cocktails. The large quantity of injected polycarbonate gives to Brew Beach beer glasses weight and richness and makes Brew Beach beer...

Italesse - Air Beach Wine


Classical, pure forms that carry the in essence of traditional wine-glasses this plastic stemware is highly versatile. Made using machine blowing techniques this stemware is extraordinarily light (reduced thickness) rendering them incredibly elegant and easy-to-handle all at once being of optimum transparency. Functional, unbreakable, fun,...

Italesse Etoile Sparkle 16oz


A stem glass with perfectly studied and balanced proportions, characterized by a wide bowl that recalls the traditional Champagne coupe towards the base, whilst its height alludes to the traditional flute. The glass is available with or without 7 laser-cut perlage points that promotes perlage....