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  • Established: 2005

Dominic Wines believe that there is a Dominic Wine to suit all occasions and as such they produce a number of different brands each with their own story and appeal. This diversity, like life, adds character and intrigue which they encourage you to tast

The Dominic Wines history starts almost 90 year ago in Croatia with Vido Dominic working in small hillside vineyards. In 1955 his son, Dragutin Dominic, the oldest of seven boys, hearing of the rich fertile soils and bountiful opportunities in Australia, gathered his family, one brother and one suit case and came to Australia with a determined goal of building his own vineyards. Today, operations are directed by Brian Dominic, of the family’s 5th generation of winemakers.

Driven by the same enthusiasm and passion for the land as their father, they transformed their South Australian vineyards into a source of quality fruit to produce premium wine

Third generation Brian Dominic and his wife Michelle are the current custodians of Dominic Wines and through sustainable and innovative practices continue to grow and produce quality wines to be enjoyed now and by future generations.

Brian and Michelle established Dominic Wines in 2005 with the vision to supply and share quality South Australian wine with the world. Fuelled by a passion for the wine, the Riverland region and their family, both Brian and Michelle are keen to see people all around the world share in their story by experiencing their wines.

Today, Dominic Wines owns and manages a combined total area under vine of almost 550 hectares. Predominately located in the Riverland region of South Australia, vineyards are also located in the premium winegrowing regions of the Barossa Valley, Langhorne Creek, Coonawarra and the Adelaide Hills. Their annual grape crush is approximately 10,000 tonnes producing close to 7.5 million litres of wine per annum.

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