Rinomato Americano

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The mélange of quality Italian white wines provide acidity, structure and floral notes. Gentian from France’s Massif Centrale region provides dry and tannic layers. Succulent aromas of panettone, fresh bergamot and mandarin evolve into a gripping, complex and root-driven palate. 50% less sugar than the leading competitor!
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Aperitivo is a culture, not just a drink. It is a moment to gather with friends at the end of the day, to enjoy fresh long drinks featuring aromatized or sparkling ingredients along with light salty snacks. Aperitivo is a classic European tradition the purpose of which is to open the palate and induce the appetite - this is why the aromatized ingredients are so important, the aromas, tannins and bitterness prepare you for the meal to come. The social aspect of the Aperitivo moment is to offer a stepping stone to the evening to come, a place to start without overindulging, as most Aperitivo are lower in alcohol than spirits. RINOMATO is a line of premium aperitif products that returns artisan production to highly commercialized Italian aperitif categories. The brand takes its name from an Italian adjective used to indicate an object of distinction, something that commands respect from even the most discerning critics. The brand's distinct aromas, intense palate, and luxurious mouth-feel are achieved by careful selection of ingredients, just-in-time crushing of botanicals on the production line, and a sophisticated extraction, blending and filtration process.
Product Physical Location Consignment
Case format 6
Is this product organic? No
Viticulture No
Appellation Piedmont
Regulated designation 0
Length of aging 0
Bottle size 1000 ml
Closure type Metal screw cap
Varietal No
Style No
Body No
Region Italy, Piedmont
Colour Other
Vintage NV
Rating No

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