Yzaguirre Classic White Vermouth

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With a straw yellow colour, Yzaguirre Classic White Vermouth has an intense aroma with herby and spicy notes. Mild balsamic touches give it a pleasant and very unique structure. Fresh and smooth in the mouth and very well balanced, it has notes of vanilla and cinnamon.
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Yzaguirre has been producing vermouths using traditional methods since 1884. Starting with a white-wine base born from the natural fermentation of hand-picked Macabeo grapes from Yzaguirre's surrounding vineyards, the base is then mixed with the secret aromatic extract, a product of 50-90 herbs and spices left to macerate for nearly half a year and aged afterwards for an additional 5 years in oak. Once the extract and wine are ready, the two are combined.
Product Physical Location Consignment
Case format 6
Is this product organic? No
Viticulture No
Appellation Catalonia
Regulated designation 0
Length of aging 5 years
Bottle size 1000 ml
Closure type Metal screw cap
Varietal Other
Style Sweet
Body Other
Region Spain, Other
Colour White
Vintage NV
Rating No

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